Learning, Executive and Attention Functioning (LEAF) Scale - Information and Supporting Documents


The LEAF is a 55 item parent-, teacher-, or self-report questionnaire that assesses executive functions, related neurocognitive functions, and academic skills in children and adults. For more detailed information about the LEAF, please see the links below, starting with the "LEAF Scale Permissions and Use" document. A description of LEAF content and subscales is contained in the document "LEAF Scale Scoring and Interpretation." The LEAF is a psychological test intended for use only by qualified professionals. Before using the LEAF, you must agree to the "LEAF Scale Permissions and Use" document (please be sure to send the exact wording in the document to the email address) and obtain permission from the scale author, William Kronenberger, Ph.D., at wkronenb@iupui.edu. You will then be provided with a free password to open the files.


Background Information on the LEAF (no password required):

LEAF Versions (password required; see "Permissions and Use" document):

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